Adult Males

Champion Pheonix”

American & Canadian Champion Phareview Pheonix

Champion Pheonix is the perfect combination of personality and looks. He’s got a huge, beautiful applehead, a perfect square body with short legs.  He’s already produced 5 Champion kiddos! What does that mean to you? Not only will your new baby have his happy personality, but they’ll also have his classic good looks!





Mollnar American Outlaw

GRAND CHAMPION Sired and his mother is also a Champion!

Outlaw has joined us, looking to prove all of the amazing pedigree that is behind him. He has petite features and is almost too pretty to be a boy. He is happy, playful and always stealing everyone’s bones.img_8782


Champion Y-Not Mollnars Ring Of Fire


Champion La Casa Poco DevIndisguise x Champion Tresur-Fiesta’s Flicker O’ Flame

Ringo is a very short and cobby little boy with a gorgeous head, short nose and a tiny square body with short legs. All of those combined with his winning personality, and these are genes he passes down to each and everyone of his pups.


AKC Champion Chihuahua

Ringo is Heart, Eye & Patella Certified













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