The Teacup Shuffle

The Teacup Shuffle.

Sounds like a dance, right? You might say it is, but in our house, it’s everyday life. Or at least it’s how we walk!

Having a tiny teacup puppy in the house can be a lot of trouble. They follow you ever where and then find some where to hide. Then they proceed to eating something that they shouldn’t. Then the throw it up.

When these tiny teacup pups are on the floor, we all walk around barefoot. Teacup puppies tend to be underfoot and if you have shoes on, you won’t know if you are about to squish one! Then starts the shuffle. Even with barefeet, you can still step on one. So do the teacup shuffle your feet when you walk. It’s the safest thing to do until they learn not to be underfoot!


Enjoy while your pups are young and adorable. They grow up and grow old way too quick.

And do the Shuffle…the Teacup Shuffle!


The Teacup Shuffle.