Top 5 accessories for your tiny spoiled dog

You’ve found your perfect pup but how do you prepare for their arrival? Here are the top five must have accessories for your tiny, spoiled chihuahua!

top 5 accessories spoiled chihuahua

8 Panel Exercise Pen from Posh Puppy Boutique – You’ll be carrying around your little one so much, this will be about as much exercise as they’ll get! Make sure to get them some leg warmers and a headband for their big workout!

Swarovski Angel Pet Bed – Let’s be honest, this is really more of an accessory for your home, little “Princess” is going to be sleeping in your lap!

Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier – For sneaking you pup into restaurants, movie theaters and anywhere else they are banned!

Faux Fur Dog Stairs – How else is little “Prince” going to pee on your bed when you ABANDON him for all of 5 minutes?

KO Couture Custom Made Harness Dress – These hand-made dresses are just divine and perfect for a weekend in NYC. Don’t want her to end up on the Worst Dressed List, do you???