Famous Chihuahua Clover

Famous Chihuahua


Famous Chihuahua Clover

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Clover was born in the late spring of 2012 to proud parents Champion Ringo and Sunshine. This litter’s theme was “The Birds” and we called him Hawk.IMG_4657His siblings were, in order from top to bottom – Robbin, Wren, Kingfisher, Chickadee and Hawk.IMG_5123

He grew fast and was a quiet and smart pup.IMG_5408IMG_6834

I was contacted by a sweet couple looking for their perfect pup. So I watched this litter for the personality traits they were looking for. After weeks of watching these pups grow and play, sending pictures and videos – the perfect pup was chosen. Hawk became Clover and his big adventure began.
From a small town in Texas, he hopped on a (private) plane and headed for his new home in California. Little did he know just what life had planned for him!44photoHe was *mostly* a good boy. Used his pee pad on his very first flight to his new home. New home without brothers and sisters took some getting used to, but he adjusted.22photo9photo  11photo8photo7photoHe has a thing for dog cupcakes from SprinklesPhotos from Aug 20, 2012He did some advertising for the family business and made it BIG on Facebook – 416 likes!!!2photoHe’s an expert in makeup1184858_10151795602799597_1935849576_nThe bigger he got, the bigger his adventures were. Gambling in Las Vegas…photo2…relaxing in Hawaii…photo_1…shopping in New York are some his favorite haunts.photoHe’s had tea at The Plaza…photo22…and lunch at Bergdorf Goodman.photo33He’s got a not-so-secret crush on Francesca Eastwood (Mrs Eastwood & Co. the E! reality series). Naughty boy, look where he has his paw!photo11Let’s just say that he’s ALWAYS on Santa’s “good list”photo1He only flies private so he can use his pee pad whenever he needs.photo copyHis birthday parties are always FABULOUS!photo4photo5He’s been photographed by the amazing Andrew Grant.photo9And has a spread in the FINAL ADDITION of the coffee table book “Rover”. The sales of which go to a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and placement of homeless dogs from animal shelters in the Los Angeles area.photo7He’s got the COOLEST friends.photo 1photo 2more Clover adventures coming soon…